Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The countdown begins

I have started my countdown.....finals will be over next week and I can say good-bye to one of the longest semesters of my life.  Yes, school took up most of my time these past few months and I have really missed blogging and crafting.  I had two incredibly boring (although informative) classes, and I am ready to be finished with both of them.  Although that doesn't mean I'm ready for my finals.

I have a quick and easy and sugary recipe to share with you today.  And since I haven't blogged in forever, I think I'm going to be trying to fit 3 billion words on one post, so settle in!  LOL!  I had these tasty treats at my sister-in-law's 4 years ago.  They were SO good!  I'm guessing she gave me the recipe and I lost it somewhere and never made them.  Well, yesterday I was craving some sugary goodness and I called her to get the recipe.  Her baby is teething and was not too happy, screaming in the background.  I told her it wasn't a big deal and I could call when it was better for her, but she said to give her 30 seconds, she knew exactly what recipe I was talking about.  So she gave me some of the ingredients and I got ready to make these.  Here is the recipe (and the 3 billions words continue below):

Okay, so if I remember correctly, she actually called these "Welfare Cookies."  But, I can't come back after months of non-posting and give you a recipe with that title.  So I just made up my own name for them.  I got new digi supplies I was ready to use, and so I went with a Christmas-y theme.  So I made a batch and they really do go together quickly.  My husband got home and I thought, "well, he is either going to love these, or wonder why I wasted a cup of chocolate chips!"  It turns out he loved them.  And so did my son and my daughter.  They were in sugar heaven with me!  And then my brother called.  I asked him to please tell his wife thanks for the recipe and that we all loved it.  So he asked what I made and I said, "Those cookies you make with saltine crackers."  Silence on the other end of the phone.  "What are you talking about?"  So I started describing them to him.  He was laughing so hard.  Apparently, they are supposed to be made with graham crackers, not saltine crackers.  LOL!  I told my husband and he said not to change a thing because he loved them just the way they were.  So, I will stick with the plan.  And if you really want to know how else I changed things up, I'll let you know.  Apparently her recipe didn't call for chocolate chips, either, but it did call for coconut.  Well, I didn't have coconut, but did have chocolate chips.  So I used what I had.  Her recipe also called for 3/4 cup of both butter and brown sugar.  Well, I cut both of those back and thought it was still plenty gooey and yummy and sugary.  And since my husband loved it how it was, that is how the recipe got typed up.

And now, I am off to study more and more and more and more.  And then in about a week, I hope to be back on here, and especially catching up with all your lovely blogs I have missed out on for all these months!