Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Digital Basic Grey

Well, by now you all probably know I love doing my scrapbooking digitally.  Well, Basic Grey now has digital papers, making life for a digiscrapper even funner!  This layout today came about because of two different challenges.  One, this sketch posted on the Inspired Crafters blog.  Chris was in charge of our April challenges, and while I fully intended to participate in each one, April went by too fast!  LOL!  The second challenge it is for is an "All About Me" challenge from Designer Digitals.  The All About Me challenges are issued every other week.  You can follow that challenge, and the idea is that at the end of the year you'll have some fun layouts about yourself.  I love it.  I know as a scrapper I'm always documenting my kids and their activities.  This is a fun way to leave behind something about me, too!  The current challenge is about your best friend.

My husband is definitely my best friend.  I'm so lucky to have him.  I found this old picture and it brought back so many memories, I had to use it for my best friend layout!  That's all for today.

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Mr. V

Well, I found myself in need of a sympathy card this week.  I was really sad to see my friend notifying people that her father-in-law had passed away.  I grew up in a tiny little town, and her father-in-law was a teacher there in the middle school.  I was super shy when I was younger, and I was petrified to have him for a teacher.  He was known to be pretty strict, a no-nonsense kind of guy.  He taught art and science.  Kind of a funny mix, now that I think about it.  Anyway, he ended up being one of my favorite teachers.  He really wanted his students to excel.  I believe he'd have been happy to have every student learn more about every subject than he himself knew.  He loved kids to explore and learn everything that they could.  And I loved that about his classes.  My friend posted how hard it was going to be to tell her kiddos when they woke up that grandpa wasn't going to be around anymore.  Well, I was really sad and didn't feel like making a card at all.  My blogging friend Chris had made a beautiful card for her friend, and I just decided to take the easy route and case her gorgeous card.  Enjoy your Friday, go hug all your loved ones!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day at the Zoo

Good morning!!!  We're adjusting to our summer schedule.  The alarm has been off for two weeks now (minus the day my son had a scout hike), the smell of sunscreen is a constant, and hot dogs are once again a main food group.  I've been doing some crafting here and there, but mainly just enjoying summer at home with my kiddos.  Today I do have a scrapbook page to share.  I finished it a while back, but I'm pretty sure I never posted it here.

When my son was little, he was so scared of this gorilla at the zoo.  We didn't go a lot, but every time that we did, we'd try to get him to sit on the gorilla's lap and he never would.  Finally this day he did.  I thought it made the cutest little picture!

Enjoy your summer days, and I don't think I'll be going two weeks without posting again ;)

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