Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer Break!

So, today is our first official day of summer break, and I've got to say how excited I am!  I love summer break!  Now, I know I kinda went missing for a few months.  But I'll be here this summer with an occasional post or two.  Since I waited months and months to post anything, today I've got two things to share.  First up, a scrapbook page.  My daughter just finished first grade and LOVED her teacher.  As the year was winding down, she was really sad for it to end, because she knew she wouldn't be seeing her teacher every day.  One of the days of the last week of school she was at the bus stop crying.  Well, I didn't want her getting on the bus with tears, so I promised her I'd make a scrapbook page of her and her teacher.  So I got that done, and she loved it, and then asked me to make a second one for her teacher.  So I did.  This one, is the one I made for our family album.  The page for her teacher I let her write the words, and it was a sweet little tribute to her teacher.

The second thing to share is a recipe card.  I do not love potato salad, usually.  In fact, most of my life I've hated potato salad.  Well, my mother-in-law's potato salad is the only one I've really had that I can actually say I like.  Yesterday was technically the last day of school, but we've always kept our kids home and done fun stuff as a family.  So yesterday, I was in the mood for summer food.  Bbq chicken, rolls, potato salad.  And as much as I LOVE my mother-in-law's potato salad, she's not a "recipe" kind of gal.  You know the type:  "Oh, a pinch of this, a little of that."  Which means I don't have an actual recipe for her potato salad.  So I went searching the internet. And I found this. The recipe looked delightful.  But I gotta say, as much as I need a recipe to start out with, I always have to change a few things here or there.  So I did.  And after my tweaking I loved it!  But the true test was my husband.  He's not a picky man with too many foods, but there are some things that have to be just right or he's not going to be a lover.  Potato salad is one of those things.  And he loved it!  Woo-hoo!  I was excited.  It's the little things in life that keep me going!  Here is the recipe card:

Well, I am off to do a few chores with the munchkins and hope to be back to make some blogging rounds later this afternoon!  Enjoy your day!


Amy said...

Very fun LO! So glad your daughter clicked with her teacher. Nice to have you back.

Jenni said...

So good to see you on here again! I love these pages, great job - enjoy your summer!

Chris said...

glad to see you back if only once in a while!

love your creations!!

i too am very picky about potato salad. i made a new recipe this weekend called "loaded baked potato salad". it was fabulous!! the boys don't usually eat this, but they ate this version!!

have a nice summer break!

Michelle said...

Am I at the right blog?
No way - it doesn't say January anymore.
Love your lil' first grade page. My daughter's teacher this year is her very favorite too. Out of what, all 2 teachers she's had? LOL! But same thing, this one was just the best, so nice, so favorite. Totally.
Potato salad. Man that's tough. I'm so picky. Miracle Whip - not too sweet and tangy? So much cooking though. You have such patience when it comes to cooking. Which is why you can make rolls. Crazy. Love that embossed font on the potato salad too. Hey look at me, I'm talking to myself on Becca Lynn's blog - I'm so funny...

Tracie said...

I came across your blog and love it. I have questions for you about how you do your recipes. Could you e-mail me at Thanks.

Angela said...

Shoot, I missed this post.... Lovely page and recipe card! I was just checking in on you...hope all is well!