Saturday, May 9, 2009

Button, button, who has the button?

My friend Laurie was asking me about Papertrey's buttons and how they look with some Stampin' Up colors. The first picture is Stampin Up cardstock Regal Rose and Rose Red, with PTI Hibiscus Burst buttons on top and Sweet Blush buttons on the bottom. Rose Red is one of my all-time favorite colors and I don't think pictures ever do it justice. It is just a tricky color for me to get a good picture of. Hopefully you can get the idea of how the buttons look with it anyway. Then the second pictures is PTI cardstock in Sweet Blush and Hibiscus burst with the same buttons. The last picture is PTI cardstock in the colors Aqua Mist and Ocean Tides. The buttons are Aqua Mist. I don't have any Stampin Up colors to compare to these 2 shades of cardstock. Nichole Heady has Aqua Mist and Ocean Tides compared to SU colors. I defintely love the wide variety of shapes, sizes, and shades that I've gotten with each batch of buttons I've ordered.


Susan (peebsmama) said...

You sure have a lot of buttons! I have tons too leftover from my sewing days, but I rarely use them because I have to mail all my cards and it adds so much bulk I don't feel comfortable that they will make it to their destination in tact.

I have a few pieces of PTI cardstock from Wish Rak. You are right, there is nothing that SU has that is close to aqua mist or ocean tides.

laurie said...

Wow thanks for showing me...I can definetly see the colors better and also the variety of buttons. I see several ways I could use them together. Youv'e been a big help! Thanks SO much!

Jennifer Scull said...

personally I think the only solution is to buy them ALL!!!!! ;) I happen to love buttons, can you tell?!?! :D

great comparison, by the way. this really is helpful!

Tasha Hickert said...

Ha! I was noticing the buttons on some of your latest cards. I haven't been getting around lately so I scrolled down to see what I've been missing and found this entire post about buttons!! You are doing a great job using them. When I try they look rather stupid. Maybe I just need to try harder. ;)

Even though you've had some days of not feeling creative it sure looks like you've been making some lovely cards. And those digiments are pretty cool. Hope that is going very well for you with the DT.