Sunday, September 28, 2008

Paper Pretties!

A few weeks ago, the Paper Pretties website had an awesome sale. 45% off!!! I had been wanting a few of their stamps, and when I saw the sale, I finally ordered my favorites. They are based in Canada, so it took a while to get them. But it was worth the wait, they are so cute. Then today at church I was visiting with one of my friends. She was talking about how she is not much of a reader, but she's reading a new book and can't put it down. So I came home and decided to use my pretty little Sophia stamp to make her a bookmark. So I made the bookmark, and took the picture, and decided my little girl needs some color on her skin. I made this decision knowing I don't have a good skin color in chalk, ink, colored pencils, or paint. But, I decided to proceed with caution. Well, the first coloring job made poor little Sophia look like she sprayed herself with a really bad self-tanner. So I tried again. Then she looked like she had jaundice! So I'm keeping this picture up even though her skin is a little on the light side of things! For the back of the bookmark I used my cuttlebug blooms and dots embossing folder, and stamped some of the empty spaces with my Stampin' Up Little Flowers set. I also wanted to give my friend a little chocolate, so I put some M&M's in a bag, and stamped a little bag topper to go with the chocolate. The set Time Well Spent has an awesome saying, "Too much of a good thing is a good thing." I thought this fit perfectly with giving someone chocolate, so that's what I used for the bag topper. The flowers are also from the Time Well Spent set.

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laurie said...

When it comes to chocolate, you betcha its a good thing! Your friend is lucky!