Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hot, hot, hot, hot chocolate!

I want to stop everything, ignore the blizzard outside, and watch the Polar Express. But, instead I get to go to my son's gingerbread party at school. So at least it's something fun!!! So after this post, I'm going out to scrape inches of snow off of my car and hope to make it out of my driveway. The challenge at Split Coast today is a "last minute challenge." Something quick and easy. So I made a quick pocket to put a hot chocolate packet in. It ended up being so quick, I made another treat box like I'd made here. I ordered a ribbon shredder to make my ribbon look better, and it's supposed to be here tomorrow...we'll see if the UPS man dares brave my driveway!!! Both of these simple little projects were done in a matter of minutes. It would have been a minute less, but the first time I made the cocoa packet I smudged all of the rose red ink everywhere. To see the gallery of last minute ideas on Split Coast, click here.


Susan said...

Very nice idea. I like the embossed snowflakes.

Chris said...

those are very cute and so easy to do!! TFS

fishlips said...

Yum yum yummy how fun and cleaver this is...wonderful...your snowflakes are just stunning!!!!!