Friday, July 3, 2009

Banana Bread

Here is one of my family's favorite treats. We always buy lots of bananas when we go grocery shopping. My kids will gobble them up, and I actually have to put some aside for making the bread (since ripe ones always taste better in banana bread) or my kids will eat them all. I'm one of those people at the grocery store that doesn't complain if the bananas are already turning brown, since I'll use them for this recipe. Have a safe holiday weekend wherever you are.

Digital Kit: Summertime Designs Apples and Almonds


MidnightCrafter said...

I will have to try out your recipe - applesauce?! Sounds great! We usually buy the BIG bunch of bananas so the kids can have one every morning in the car, all week. I am NOT so sad if there are a couple left to make mini-muffins! Yum! If I plan ahead, I make mini-laves and mini-muffins and freeze them, so I can have single-servings to give the kids for snacks as well. But nothing beats Hot out of the oven Banana Bread!
Have a great weekend!
Happy Crafting,

Michelle said...

Yum...I'll have to try this with the crumb toppind. I love me some banana bread!! Did you change your blog look...? Didn't you just change it recently...?

Susan (peebsmama) said...

This is another great digi recipe page.

I think it's funny that your grocery store has the brown bananas. Mine never seems to have any that arent' green. And it seems to take days for them to even get yellow once I get them home. So I have to plan my banana eating at least a week in advance :-)

Martha said...

oh yummy, I love banana bread!!

Chris said...

very cute recipe card! we love banana bread too...i buy the told ones too!! LOL