Sunday, November 16, 2008

1st Christmas card ever

Over at Susan's blog she has blog candy to celebrate 3500 hits! She's asking about Christmas cards and whether you make them or buy them. Go check out her blog....she has some beautiful cards and craft projects to look at. So I was thinking about Christmas cards after reading her blog. I wanted to find my card from last year. Not only was last year the first year I ever made cards, it was also the first year I ever sent Christmas cards. That's right. I'd never sent Christmas cards, not even from the dollar store. I know some people will be shocked to hear that, but it's the truth. Once I started stamping, I decided that sending Christmas cards maybe wasn't a waste of time (yes, cards used to seem like a waste of time to me)! Thanks for looking at one of my very first creations.


Chris said...

cute card!! i always send out xmas cards...>"<

Susan said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog! This is a cute card. I bet the recipients last year were amazed at not only receiving a card from you but a handmade one at that. I recently found the first handmade holiday cards I made several years ago - probably in '99 or '00. How hilariously awful mine were!