Thursday, November 20, 2008

Embossing Resist

I've read about a technique called "embossing resist" and decided to give it a try today. I had been eager to try it, but a key element is versamark, which I didn't have yet. I was going to try this while my mom was here, and then we ran out of time. So basically, the technique is that you use versamark rather than colored ink on a stamp. Top the versamark with clear embossing powder. Emboss as usual, and then sponge ink over the paper. The places where you embossed "resist" the ink. I think it's a neat look. And perfect to try out with my Snowflakes Roller. So I washed out a used frosting container, and measured the paper to fit. Then I did the embossing resist technique, and glued the paper on tight. I added some ribbon at the top. My mom has a really cool ribbon shredder, similar to one pictured here, but I don't have one. I wanted the ribbon smaller, so I tried to do it by hand, and my ribbon looks pretty funny! To finish the project off, I stamped a cute little tag from a set I found at Wal-Mart, and I have a little container to give away once I fill it with holiday candy! If you've never tried this technique and are interested, there is a more thorough tutorial here.


Chris said...

this turned out super!! i love this terchnique! have a great weekend...>"<

laurie said...

Really cute! I did this once at a SU workshop, it was fun. Great idea for Christmas.

Susan said...

You did a great job with this technique and how fun to make something other than a card.