Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Being a Responsible Adult

Many years ago, I was going to college and didn't really know what I wanted to study or major in. So I was just taking classes along the way. A few years into this process I got married, and a few years into that I was pregnant with our son. Well, that ended up being my last semester of college. Until last year, when I decided it's about time to finish what I started back in 1995!!! Crazy, huh. So I have finished a few more classes. Last semester I took off for various reasons and this semester I am back to school, again! But today, all I wanted to do was play. Sit at my scrapbook desk, and make cards with my little girl, and play. But I was a responsible student and did ALL of my homework before I started on this sketch. This is for today's sketch challenge at Split Coast Stampers. I am wishing I'd done some different things with the background paper, but I got to play a little, and that's what I needed today!


Susan said...

Congrats on going back to school. I had completed two college degrees, but life took some turns and I found myself needing a career change. So I went back to college and finished my 3rd degree in 2004. It was a good move for me and one I don't regret. Homework was hard to get used to again though. Good for you on finishing it before play time. Great use of the sketch on this card.

Chris said...

i personally fight the whole adult's very overrated!!! kudos to you for going back and finishing what you started. that's a pretty sexy card you made wearing your big girl panties!!! LOL

Loretta Rodger said...

Its good to take a break from studying and play with your little one! I'm proud of you for returning to school! Enjoy that little one, she'll grow up way too fast!