Sunday, January 4, 2009

Brownie Box

I made this mini pizza box and filled it with brownies to give to a neighbor for a thank you. When the recipient is a boy, it's always hard for me to make a card, since I tend to use a lot of floral stamps and the color pink. I figured most teenage boys like treats. So this mini pizza box is just as easy as a card for me, in a case like this. The first pizza boxes I made are posted here, along with the original tutorial I found that gives easy directions to make these fun little boxes. Thanks for everyone on well wishes to get over this stupid cold. I've still got it, but at least I quit coughing enough to sleep last night. So that means I'm improving, I think! And I'm hoping for a productive stamping week.


Susan said...

This is perfect for a boy. Great color blue and I like the embossing. I had that same cold a couple of weeks ago. I felt pretty ok after about 3 days but the coughing lasted another week. Hope your's is gone soon.

fishlips said...

Yum yum yummy and so delightful and filled too...Fantastic!!!!!

Chris said...

this is great!! love the colors...i hate making "male" things...however i seen a great "male" card over on debbie olsen's blog...i'm going to case it. glad to hear you are feeling better...don't send it my way!! [LOL]