Monday, January 26, 2009

Dollar Store Find

I went with my son in the dollar store last week, and after he picked out a toy I went to browse their little "craft" section just in case they had anything. I found this cute little photo album that had chipboard inside. At first I wasn't sure if I liked it or not, but I picked one up. It had brown gingham ribbon at the top that kind of distracted from the pretty design, so I decided to put it back. At the last minute I grabbed 2 of them. Then on the way home I was thinking about that distracting gingham ribbon, and thought, "Oh, I should have left them at the store!" I over-analyze things way too much, especially when it comes to purchases from the dollar store. So finally I just told myself that at least I got some chipboard for $1. Well, when I got home it hit me: take the gingham ribbon off! So I added my own brown ribbon and I like it much better. I took the chipboard out, measured the size, cut paper to fit, stamped some fun designs on and mod podged the paper on. Now go easy on me, this is not a finished project! I need to mod podge the back side of all of the chipboard and then sand things down so it looks nice and tidy on the edges. But I was really excited about how it's starting to look, so I went ahead and snapped a few pictures. When everything is all finished, I'm going to print some of my favorite family photos in the sepia tone so that they will all match, and I'll have a fun photo album!


Susan (peebsmama) said...

Looks like a great deal for a dollar.

Chris said...

so cute!! great dollar store find...never know what you will find there! love it!

laurie said...

Turned out great! What a find!