Thursday, October 9, 2008

Birthday Celebrations

Well, my little girl is not feeling very well today, and now I'm afraid that neither am I. So I'm not going to be making any new card today. Luckily I have a card I hadn't posted yet, since I was making sure the card got to the recipient in the mail first. I made this card for my sister-in-law. She is wonderful. The kind of sister-in-law everyone wants to have. She's caring and thoughtful and sweet, and a great friend. So I wanted to make her a card that I really thought was pretty. I love this new set from Stampin' Up called Upsy Daisy. When I first saw it in their new catalog, I really didn't like it all. But everytime I'd flip by it, the idea of it just grew on me a little more. Until I finally bought it. And I love it! I've wanted to do a red, black and white card for a while, and this was my perfect chance. After I made it, though, I had to laugh. Our town's high school colors were red and black. And the school colors of the town she grew up in were green and yellow. And my brother does tease her some about her "ugly school colors". So when I got done with this card, I hoped she wouldn't think I was trying to send some kind of hidden message about our school colors. It's funny the things I think about sometimes! Well, I'm off to rest. Maybe I can make something new tomorrow!


Chris said...

i just got this set...have yet to ink it up...your card is fabulous!! >"<

Susan said...

I like this set too but haven't yet decided to purchase it because I already have so many flower stamps. I like the color combo and the glitter centers.