Sunday, October 19, 2008

Card Tin

I enjoy making cards, and I do give some to people. But my mom loves to give cards to people. So a lot of the cards I make I give to her to use. I decided it would be really fun to make her a tin to put cards in. She loves butterflies, and the color lavender, so when I found this paper one day I knew it would be perfect. The picture doesn't show how much lavender was in the paper. The other side had even more, but my picture on that side was really fuzzy. I loved making this for her. It's actually what I gave to her for Mother's Day, along with some cards, but I hadn't added a picture of it anywhere yet. Now I'm trying to make cards to get it full for her for Christmas. She knows I am planning on doing this, so I don't have to keep it a secret. Thank goodness!!!


Chris said...

great gift idea!! she will get much use out of this!! >"<

Susan said...

Very pretty!