Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Box Tops 4 Education

We try to do our part for our school and trim out all the box tops coupons that come on various products. The problem is that sometimes after we trim them out, the coupons don't all make it to the school. I realize this is crazy, because it's a great way to earn money for the school. So today, I took an empty parmesan cheese container and covered it in some school themed paper. I like the parmesan container because the lid can open wide, so if the kiddos are helping to put the coupons on, it won't be a challenge. But the lid stays on, so that when it falls off my kitchen counter numerous times a day, the coupons won't fall out everytime.


laurie said...

Great idea. We collect them too!

Susan said...

What a clever idea.

Chris said...

great idea, we use a baggy clipped to the fridge...LOL