Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cuttlebug Challenge #4 (take 2)

Here is the card I originally started on Monday. But I just couldn't make it work! At first there were no stars, and then I added stars. But they were yellow. My husband didn't like the yellow stars, since the stars on the flag are white. And considering how often I get real input from him on my crafts, I decided to listen! So I tore the card apart. I added the white stars, and restamped the sentiment. It had been all one color, and I like the addition of red and blue. I also colored the soldier, and I need a lot of practice. My boy sometimes colors it for me...he seems to know how to get the camo just right! Anyway, I had to tweak this card and finish it because it was driving me crazy that I couldn't make it work. I do like it now, and now I can move on to another project!!! Go check out all of the other great cards submitted for the challenge at The Cuttlebug Spot!


Susan said...

Very patriotic.

Jana said...

I really like your card.. the red white and blue do look nice. Althought the yellow stars would have been nice too ;) Thanks fro stopping by my blog!!!